Film Financing

With a deep understanding of the complexities and financial demands of the industry, Copper Island provides tailored financing solutions to filmmakers seeking to bring their visions to life.

Independent features, documentaries and ambitious blockbuster projects, Copper Island’s team of financial experts assess each opportunity, offering creative and flexible financing options to fit the unique needs of every production. Our commitment to fostering artistic innovation while ensuring financial viability has made us a trusted partner for filmmakers worldwide.



Copper Island's full-service production approach is inherently adaptable to the diverse needs of global film industries, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to each project's unique requirements.

Development: Assisting with script development, storyboarding, and concept refinement to ensure a strong foundation for the film.

Pre-production: Managing logistical aspects such as casting, location scouting, budgeting, scheduling, and securing permits necessary for filming.

Production: Overseeing all aspects of the filming process, including directing, cinematography, set design, costume and makeup, and on-set coordination.

Post production: Editing raw footage, adding visual effects, sound design, color grading, and overall fine-tuning to bring the film to its final form.


Post Production

Copper Island’s world-class post-production facility, in Cyprus, offers a comprehensive suite of services:


Skilled editors meticulously craft raw footage into compelling narratives, ensuring coherence, pacing, and emotional resonance.

Sound Design & Mixing

From dialogue clarity to immersive soundscapes, Copper Island’s sound designers and mixers elevate the auditory experience, adding depth and realism to every scene.

Color Grading

Talented colorists fine-tune the color and tone of footage, achieving visual consistency, enhancing mood, and ensuring a polished, professional look.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality assurance processes ensure that each project meets the highest standards of excellence, from technical precision to artistic integrity.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Copper Island’s VFX artists bring imagination to life, seamlessly integrating CGI and special effects to enhance storytelling.

Music Composition & Score

Collaborating with composers and musicians, Copper Island creates original scores and soundtracks that enhance the emotional impact and narrative resonance of films.

Title Design & Animation

Copper Island’s designers create captivating title sequences, graphics, and animations that set the tone and style of the film from the outset.

Mastering & Deliverables

Copper Island prepares final deliverables for distribution, ensuring technical accuracy, compatibility, and compliance with industry standards for various platforms, including theaters, streaming services, and home video.


Facilitation & Cyprus

Copper Island's film facilitation services extend both locally in Cyprus and globally, offering filmmakers a seamless experience regardless of their project's location.

In Cyprus, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and consistent climate, Copper Island leverages local expertise for productions filming on the island. From navigating permits to accessing a huge variety of shooting locations – stunning beaches, authentic ancient towns, forest woodlands, rugged mountains, urban settings and modern cities – we streamline logistical challenges, enabling filmmakers to focus on creative storytelling. Cyprus also offers attractive incentive schemes to ensure cost-effective solutions.